MECS is proud to announce its involvement in implementing industry-leading parking guidance technology to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson has chosen the INDECT parking guidance system and MECS is responsible for implementing the system, which leverages technology that dramatically simplifies and automates the management of large-scale parking lots.

The system works by pairing an outdoor camera system capable of capturing high-definition images of license plates with state-of-the-art parking management technology. An inventory of parked cars and open spaces is automatically updated, and drivers are directed to the nearest free space from a companion mobile application. The system will also have neat features like the ability to find your car using your tag number if you forget where you parked after a long trip.

This reduces the time spent by drivers searching for a nearby spot, and helps make use of parking spaces that would otherwise go ignored by drivers circling the parking rows closest to their destination, resulting in less revenue lost from frustrated drivers.

The end result is a system that makes parking lot management more straightforward and profitable for facility owners while creating a faster, safer and easier experience for drivers.

Hartsfield-Jackson joins many airports who have adopted the system, including the Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport, San Diego International Airport, and Sydney Airport.

For more information about our parking solutions, speak to a MECS representative.

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