MECS understands that some organizations only require the latest AV technology during special events. When purchasing or leasing equipment doesn’t make economic sense, you can take advantage of our event rental program. By renting our equipment for individual events, you can create dynamic events and leave a lasting impression without breaking the budget.

Our Live Event Production service comes with numerous benefits. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians ensure a smooth, high-definition presentation. This means your event will not only impress those in attendance but can also be broadcast to a wider audience, reaching people globally. Whether it’s a product launch, seminar, or fundraiser, our live event production elevates your event’s impact, fostering real-time interaction and engagement with both on-site and remote audiences.

MECS’s expertise in live event production is unparalleled. Our team consists of seasoned professionals adept in the latest live production technology. We manage everything from setting up advanced audio-visual systems to executing your event with precision and flair. This includes providing multi-camera setups, professional lighting, and high-quality audio solutions, all tailored to your event’s specific needs.

Our equipment rental services extend to include live production gear, offering you the most advanced technology without a significant investment. We offer a cost-effective solution that includes equipment rental and expert support, allowing you to concentrate on your event’s content while we take care of the technical details.

Our blend of cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge, and unwavering customer service ensures your event is not just a gathering, but a memorable and impactful experience. Choose MECS to elevate your next event into an extraordinary spectacle.

Whether you are hosting a grand opening, product launch, seminar, fundraiser, or any other corporate gathering, MECS can create a unique multimedia system designed to meet your specific needs. We provide amazing, individually tailored multi-media platforms, all at a reasonable price. Additionally, each system comes with MECS’s hallmark customer service. MECS can help you take your next event to the next level.

Our experts have a wide variety of audio and visual knowledge to help ensure your live event production creates a lasting impact.

For additional information regarding equipment rental and support, please contact MECS, LLC at 334-730 4501 or click here to have an MECS, LLC Representative contact you.


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