If you have been struggling to keep up with your organization’s IT demands, and have found your team focused more on technical support opposed to driving the company’s IT vision, it may be time to start looking for an outside firm to help support. Managed service providers come in many sizes and focus on many specializations. Some are exclusively full support, and others become a member of your team and help existing efforts, allowing you to focus on what is important.

Regardless of what size and scope of service you’re looking for, there are many managed service providers out there happy to help you out. Finding the right one that can truly make a difference for your company is where things become difficult.

Where do you go to find managed service providers? What should you be looking for when vetting them out? Here are some important questions you should use when evaluating MSPs:


Understand your long term goals first

Before reaching out to MSPs, it’s important to understand what your goals are. This should be broken up into short term and long term, looking at least three years out. Cost saving goals and revenue generating goals should both be considered, as this will help any MSP identify the right plan for you.


Understand what resources you can support currently, and where you need the most help

You must give MSPs a clear view inside your organization as to how much help you really need. This not only helps you avoid overpaying for services you may not need but also helps MSPs properly plan the amount of hours they need to consider on their side.


 Is there a well documented and communicated change-management process?

There often are major changes involved when bringing on the MSP. Additionally, there is change management involved any time new systems are rolled out in partnership with a managed service provider. Make sure they have a clear change management process in order to do this effectively with minimal issues.


Are there clear SLA’s outlined and documented?

If the MSP you are talking with does not have clear SLA’s in place, then you likely are an early client for them. An organization with SLA’s clearly identified and documented means they have this done this many times before and have experience managing similar companies.


Is the managed service provider asking you the right questions up front?

If a MSP is very eager to get started right away without asking many questions – be wary. This is a critical part of the MSPs onboarding process, and if they do not ask enough questions, they are likely figuring out some aspects as they go.


Has an escalation path been communicated to you?

Understand who your direct contact is, and the next level escalation if issues arise. Always have someone to escalate to in order to make sure things get done. 


At MECS LLC, we’ve talked with many customers who have horror stories of working with other MSPs. We know there are key factors that can be identified up front to determine if this the engagement will or will not be successful. Follow these tips, and you will be able to identify which organization’s are solid and have experience managing the tech and systems of other firms.

Located in AL, GA, or PA and want to work with a partner who you already know has experience? Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll make sure we have your technology working for you instead of against you.

Post by Derek Montgomery

Derek Montgomery has over 20 years of experience in the electronic technology industry. During his time in industry, Derek realized that most organizations were being underserved by technology companies who were more interested in selling products than creating lasting partnerships. Using his in-depth knowledge and love of technology, Derek founded MECS, with the goal of providing innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service.

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